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What's New in Exceptional Children Services?
 TN Ready to Show What We Know!
TN Ready to Show What We Know!
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 The Department of Exceptional Children's Services    

We are located on the 2nd floor at the        

Franklin County Board of Education

215 South College St, Winchester, TN  37398          


 The Exceptional Children's Servies will be conducting staff development for all certified special ed. staff on August 1, 2017 from 10:30 to 3:15 at the Franklin County Annex Board Room. Topics to be discussed are as follows:

*New Eligibility Requirements for a large portion of the disability categories are now in place as of July 1, 2017.  
*Issues uploading information into Easy/IEP.


*Renaming of uploaded information. A list will be provided. All must use this list.

*Uploading Information. We are providing you an uploaded format that must be used and sent with the packet.  

*Supports for struggling teachers with paperwork, etc. on the 3rd Wed. of each month during PLC and determined by Director of ECS. Support training will be held at the BOE.

*Legislative Report from the110th General Assemby/2017 Session.







The Department of Exceptional Children's Services would like to welcome the following new teachers to our system for the 2017-18 school year.


Susan Lutz, Special Ed. Teacher at FCHS


Stephanie McGowen, Pre-school Special Ed. Teacher at Decherd Elementary.


Tim Taylor, Behavior Mod. Teacher at FCHS




                                                                                               Curriculum for Exceptional Children's Services


Math:          i-Ready Math

Reading:     i-Spire/i-Ready Reading



Math:          i-Ready Math

Reading:     i-Ready Reading



Math:          i-Ready Math

Reading:     i-Ready Reading/Academy of Reading/i-Spire



Math:          Carnegie Math

Reading:     Academy of Reading/i-Spire






New updates for Individualized Education Account (IEA)Program
The Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program provides the opportunity for parents of eligible students with disabilities to choose the education opportunities that best meet their child’s own unique needs through access to public education funds.
Following link below for IEA Brochure or visit the TN Department of Education link provided.







Tennessee Department of Education Issues Letter of Intent to Award Statewide Testing Contract to Questar


Wednesday, July 06, 2016 | 1:00pm

NASHVILLE — Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced today that the department intends to award Questar, a national leader in large-scale assessment, a contract to develop and administer Tennessee’s annual state assessments for the 2016-17 school year.

In addition, McQueen announced that Tennessee will phase in online administration over multiple years to ensure state, district, and vendor technology readiness. For the upcoming school year, the state assessment for grades 3–8 will be administered via paper and pencil. However, the department will work closely with Questar to provide an online option for high school End of Course exams if both schools and the testing platform demonstrate early proof of successful online administration. Even if schools demonstrate readiness for online administration, districts will still have the option to choose paper and pencil assessments for their high school students.

Questar will develop and administer the 2016-17 assessments as part of the state’s Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). Similar to the design of the 2015-16 assessments, next year’s tests will continue to feature multiple types of questions that measure the depth of our state academic standards, specifically students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. The department also plans to reduce and streamline state tests and will communicate additional specifics in the coming weeks.

“Students, teachers, and parents deserve a better testing experience in Tennessee, and we believe today’s announcement is another step in the right direction,” Commissioner McQueen said. “We are excited to move forward in partnership with Tennessee teachers, schools, and districts to measure student learning in a meaningful way and reset the conversation around assessment. Educators across the state have shared how having an assessment aligned to what students are learning every day has improved their instruction. It’s also critical that we continue to look for ways to streamline and reduce testing in our state.” 

Questar currently develops and administers large-scale annual assessments for other states, including Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and New York. Questar has partnered with Indiana on End of Course exams for 14 years and with Missouri for five years. The department issued the official letter of intent to Questar today. Pursuant to state contract procedures, after a minimum seven-day period, the contract will be finalized and fully executed.

During the vendor selection process, the department surveyed industry leaders in large-scale assessments, vetting vendors that have successfully developed and administered large-scale assessments across the country. After researching multiple vendors, the department determined that Questar has a proven track record of excellence in statewide testing, administering large-scale assessments via paper and online, and developing a high quality test quickly, which makes it particularly well suited for Tennessee at this crucial time. This past school year, Questar administered the New York grade 3–8 assessments to more than 1.3 million students. In 2015, Questar also developed the Mississippi annual assessment on a timeline similar to Tennessee’s.

“Questar has recent experience developing a large-scale test thoughtfully and urgently,” Commissioner McQueen said. “We believe it is the right partner to collaborate with as we continue to develop assessments that are meaningful and measure what our students truly know and understand.”

Questar was also recently named as the state’s vendor for an optional second-grade assessment. This assessment will replace the state’s previously administered optional K–2 (SAT-10) assessment.

More information about next year's test will be available after the department finalizes the remaining details with Questar. After the contract is executed, the department will share final details about the structure for next year’s state assessments, including administration time and dates.

Following that, the department will work with Questar to refine and finalize the assessment blueprints, which outline the number of questions devoted to various groups of standards. Those will be released later this summer. Additional resources, including sample test questions and resources that will help educators, parents, and students to become more familiar with the assessment, will be available this fall.

An FAQ document with more details on today's announcement is located here. For more information, contact Ashley Ball at (615) 532-6260 or



What's New in Data & Research


State Finalizes Contract with Questar; Reduces Testing Time by 30 Percent

July 20, 2016

On Thursday afternoon, Commissioner McQueen announced that the state has finalized our two-year contract with Questar, a national leader in large-scale assessments, as our primary vendor to develop and administer the 2016-17 TCAP. Questar has experience developing a statewide test on a similar expedited timeframe as well as with administering it at a scale even larger than Tennessee’s. Below are several changes to our assessment structure for the coming year. You can find more detailed information in the updated FAQ on assessment. We’ll continue to share more information soon and look forward to sharing assessment blueprints by the end of July.

  • We’ve eliminated Part I.
  • We’ve reduced testing time by 30 percent.
  • We will phase in online tests over multiple years.
  • In the coming school year, the state will administer a social studies field test, rather than an operational assessment, for students in grades 3–8.
  • Additionally, some students will participate in ELA and/or U.S. history field tests outside the operational testing window.

The goal of TCAP hasn’t changed—we’re providing students the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills to ensure they’re progressing on the path to success after high school.





Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced 07-07-2016 that the department intends to award Questar, a national leader in large-scale assessment, a contract to develop and administer Tennessee’s annual state assessments for the 2016-17 school year. In light of this announcement, the division of special populations and student support would like to provide districts with the following information:


General Assessment IEP Implications

Changes in state law, regulation or policy, do not require individual IEP meetings for every affected student. Dispute resolution procedures including written administrative complaints, mediation, and due process hearings are not available to parents in such instances because the accommodation guidelines, and changes thereto, are mandated by federal law and affect all students with disabilities. Local education agencies must inform parents of the most recent allowable test accommodations, and this may be accomplished by letter prior to administration of a particular assessment.


Additional information regarding accessibility features and accommodation options will be forthcoming.


Alternate Assessment Implications

The Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA) for the content areas of ELA and mathematics will remain unchanged and will be offered for the 2017-18 school year. Additional information regarding shifts to test design and state specific guidance is forthcoming. A link to the newly designed Alternate Assessment website will be sent as soon as possible via the Special Education Director’s Update.


A newly designed Alternate Assessment for Science and Social Studies will be administered during the     2017-18 school year. The new alternate assessment will be developed in collaboration with the newly appointed test vendor.


English Language Proficiency Assessment

Tennessee will continue to administer ACCESS for ELLs for the 2017-18 school year. Additional information is located on the TN WIDA page (here).


Please contact with questions.













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